Calibration Service

When measurement instruments are used in quality relevant environments / market segments, it has to become calibrated in certain cycles. Calibration means comparing the output data of the measurement instrument with a measurement standard as reference, which has to get calibrated periodically as well.

Disregarding our 100% series and functional tests in our production we also execute a calibration process on various devices, e.g. on the energy meters (ZBS-110, -111, -112). We provide following services:

  • Calibration of electrical / electronic parameters (e.g. voltage, current, load, etc.)
  • Calibration of thermodynamic parameters (e.g. temperature, rel. humidity)
  • Calibration of mechanical parameters (e.g. static air pressure)
  • Calibration of gas meters with application of test gases

The process will be executed in the following way:

  • Order of services and agreement on timing
  • Delivery of sensors / measurement instruments to us, initiated by the customer
  • Calibration process in our labs, common lead time approx. 7 business days
  • Where required and possible: Adjustment / Compensation
  • Certificate the calibration
  • Delivery to Customer with Certificate

The certification period is dependant on the market segment and the effective regulations.

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