No Dilemma: Realtime Data, immediate Alerting and longest Battery Endurance

<< 5µA: Minimal Standby Current

Our battery-powered sensor devices consume current in the range of µA, enough for an operation time of years. Our developing engineers know every single µA pretty well and try to optimize / reduce it permanently. Despite this minimal current consumption the devices are well-connected to the wireless sensor network. The local sensing elements are powered off from the local power supply completely and are only switched on if needed

Avoidance of useless Traffic & Data Garbage

Useless repeated telegrams cost money:

  • Memory and Backup memory cost
  • Traffic costs, if the connection to the sensor network runs via GSM or mobile radio

  • Battery and therefore service costs. Empty batteries have to get replaced and lead to material as well as service costs.

The Solution: Decoupling of Measurement and Telegram Intervals

Each sensor device can get configured with alarm thresholds, consisting of upper and lower limits. Therefore the metered data can get qualified locally by the sensor itself.:

  • >MAX: Too high
  • <MAX, >MIN: Metering Data is ok
  • <MIN: Too low

Immediate Alerting is performed in both directions:
  • Data is leaving the "OK" corridor to "Too High" or "Too Low"
  • Data is leaving the "Critical" corridor to "OK"

The very short metering / data akquisition time is quite energy efficient and can therefore get performed regularly (e.g. 10s or even shorter). The local controller inside the sensor will then decide whether it´s worth sending a data message or not. If not, the whole system will fall back to ultra low power mode and save current. In case of bigger data deviation / drift compared to the value before a separate DIFF message can be sent to notify the network as well.

Battery Management

All battery powered device have an intelligent battery monitoing system. The local battery voltage is measured under load and qualified. If needed, a separate "Battery Low" message is sent - long time before the communication will break down. The service can therefore get planned well.

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