PIKKSENSE-Industry is a robust, waterproof and shock resistant device. It is equipped with either local sensors and furthermore cable interfaces / connectors for external probes as well.

  • Digital in: pulse counter, contact monitoring (dry contact)
  • Analog in: Temperature via external PT1000 probe, voltages, currents, etc.
  • Water leakage: locally with stainless steel feet, spot detector (detection at the end of the cable) or special leakage cable (detection at the whole length of the cable, commonly used for e.g. pipes).
  • Accelerometer for orientation, vibration, shock
  • Flexible power supply: External wall wart with or without internal backup battery or pure battery operation

PIKKSENSE-Building is an Ultra-Low-Power-Sensor; our development engineers trimmed the power consumption to the absolute minimum.

communication / RF Protocols

  • NB-IoT, LTE-M: MQTT, Coap, LwM2M
  • WiFi: MQTT
  • EnOcean (o.d.)

Use Cases

Smart Building / Building Automation

Building Surveillance / Building Protection

Energy Measurement / Energy Efficiency

Yacht Electronics

Technical Details PS-240

Standards ./.
LxWxH [mm] 200 x 92 x 46 (incl. Flange)
Material ABS, grey
IP Rating IP65
Power Supply
External Connector 2 wire terminals
Internal 2x C 3.6V Li (both required)
Typ. Power Consumption depending on configuration
Interfaces / Sensors - customer specific -
Dry Contacts (digital in) Max. 6x
Dry Contact Operation Mode Pulse Counting or contact monitoring configurable
Temperature 2x external, 1x local
Operating Temperature 0-50° C
Operating Rel. Humidity 0-85% rH, non condensing
Storage -30..+60 °C
Safety / EMC / RF CE
Tariff Information 9031 8038

Connection via NB-IoT (Standard)

Communication NB-IoT
Category LTE Cat NB2
Protocols CoAP, LwM2M
Uplink Max. 158.5 Kbps
Downlink Max. 127 Kbps
Antenna Internal PCB, opt. Ufl connector
Frequencies 800 MHz, 1800 MHz

Connection via LTE-M (opt.)

Communication NB-IoT & LTE-M
Category LTE Cat M1/NB1/NB2
Protocols CoAP, LwM2M, MQTT
Uplink Max. 1119 Kbps
Downlink Max. 588 Kbps
Antenna Internal PCB, opt. Ufl connector
Frequencies 800 MHz, 1800 MHz
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