Transparency of Energy Costs

Akquiring the Data Source for Optimization

From small companies up to large enterprises there are different levels of intransparency of energy costs. These costs are neither allocatable to departments or rooms, nor to the power consuming electrical devices - no good approach to estimate the potential of energy saving possibilities.

Larger companies are also paying extra "fees" for current peaks or their respective electric load profile. Devices which are causing high currents will have to pay  more than continious loads as the power plants / utilities have to ensure enough power reserve to source the electrical work. From the consumers´point of view it´s necessary to know this and also to know their load profile in order to optimize it. Without detailled measuring and metering points this is simply not possible,

Measured Data, Overload Warning, Detection of unnecessary Standby-Power

  • Parameter tp be measured: Current, Voltage, Frequency, el. Load, el. Work
  • Handling of Power-Budgets (Warning per Work Exceeding of a configurable KWh-Threshold)
  • Warning per Load Exceeding of a configurable KW-Threshold
  • Currents and Loads can be brought together via the Combiner


  • Energy Consultants, Optimzer, Evaluator
  • Data Centers: Measuring of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) down to power supply level
  • Facility Management / Offices: Cooling Control, PCs, Lighting Control
  • Detection of Devices with high Standby-Power: Printer, Photocopier
  • Small and medium Enterprises (SME): Establishment of Energy Transparency
  • Supermarkets: Fridges, Cooling Rooms, Lighting, Air Conditioning Machines

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