Museum / Exhibit protection

The most important external influences responsible for the aging of exhibits are: light, heat, moisture, atmospheric oxygen and air pollution.

Light and UV-radiation

If exhibits have a certain sensitivity to light and UV-Radiation, it is very important to protect them from these factors.
In order to protect the exhibits the following options would be suitable: shading of the daylight openings, darkening outside of opening times or UV filtering. The same applies to the use of artificial light sources. Even if their illuminance is significantly reduced, there is still a remaining risk.
The regular measurement of UV radiation with the PIKKSENSE-Building significantly increases the security of the works to be protected. Measurements are made at fixed intervals and a warning signal (via NB-IoT / LTE-M / Cat-M1) is given if there apears to be imminent danger.

Temperature, indoor climate, air quality

Furthermore the indoor climate plays an important role and confronts the museum with a problem.
The air conditioning of the building has to be in a balance, where the visitor feel comfortable and the exhibits can be protected from aging for example.
The fluctuation in temperature and relative humidity should be as small as possible. In addition, the air surrounding the exhibit should be free of airborne or particle-bound pollutants. However, technical support is required to implement these measures.

With the PIKKSENSE-Building, the change in the climate can be traced in order to create a concept with the optimal values, which are then set as parameters.
Temperature, humidity and air quality are measured. The PIKKSENSE-Building measures and checks these parameters and issues an alarm immediately if the predetermined thresholds ​​are exceeded.


  • Temperature
  • rel. Humidity
  • Brightness
  • UV-Index
  • CO2
  • VOC/TVOC/eCO2 (Air Quality)
  • People Counting


  • longest battery lifetime
  • flexible configuration
  • communicates via NB-IoT

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